Clarence values time.
Clarence can dig it.
Clarence got it on lock.
Clarence is doing well.
Clarence won't stop.
Clarence is living large.
Clarence bottles up emotions.
Clarence has your back.
Clarence needs to chill.
Clarence does his own stunts.
Clarence doesn't trip.
Clarence is never alone.
Where's Clarence?
Clarence is listening.
Clarence can't wait.
Clarence missed you too.
Clarence makes his own choices.
Clarence has ideas.
Clarence loves you.
Clarence hates jewelry.
Clarence hates waffles.
Clarence likes tacos.
Clarence forgot how to ride a bike.
Clarence is fine.
Clarence is one with nature.
Clarence is a game changer.
Clarence doesn't do it for the money.
Clarence thinks the system is flawed.
Clarence doesn't read
Clarence is a dreamer.
Clarence is in front of the mirror too much.
Even when Clarence loses, he still wins.
Always give Clarence the AUX.
Clarence is lost.
Clarence eats too much fast food.
Clarence bleeds like the rest of us.
Clarence hates long car rides.
Clarence gets paranoid sometimes.
Clarence isn't good with kids.
Clarence is scared of heights.
Clarence can't swim.
Clarence doesn't drink.
Clarence doesn't fit in.
Clarence doesn't give in to peer pressure.
Clarence doesn't fuck with you.
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