Clarence Feels Disconnected

September 14 - October 13, 2018

Glass rice gallery

680 8th Street,San Francisco, CA

In an internet-driven world where communication has brought us closer than ever, a lack of empathy can grow with every video we watch and every ‘like’ button we hit. Our increasingly hyper connected world allows users to interface and relate with one another from all corners of the earth; however, the quality of our connections and relationships continues to deteriorate as an algorithmic chasm grows between us, driving us further into our own vanities and beliefs.  


Clarence Needs Some Change

September 30 - December 12, 2017


713 Washington St. Oakland, CA


Clarence Needs Some Change is a socially impactful nonprofit art experience that centers itself around poverty and homelessness. All proceeds go to Daily Bowl, a local charity that prevents food waste and feeds the homeless community.



November 4, 2016



Clarence in the Streets: Oakland is the first installment of an ongoing series. Clarence and Santana Bellas collectively bring together elements from the community as well as authentic, grass roots energy to revitalize the culture of the city. 

The Oakland edition features film photography in the different environments of Oakland, CA, shot by Santana Bellas. The inhabitants of these locations are the distinct “blue people” from the world of Clarence. These beings enjoy themselves in areas that would otherwise be considered abandoned or run-down, with just as much energy as the famous landmarks that Oakland is known for. 

All music played at the show was created by Oakland/Bay Area artists. The playlist is available to listen here.



April 16, 2016

329 15th Street Oakland, CA


Clarence invites you to his very own room. The installation is a complete life size creation of the pink and blue world that Clarence lives in. You can lay in his bed, watch his TV, or even try on his shoes. Clarence's room is for everybody, but only for one day.